awswrangler.lakeformation.wait_query(query_id: str, boto3_session: Session | None = None, lakeformation_query_wait_polling_delay: float = 2) Dict[str, Any]

Wait for the query to end.


This function has arguments which can be configured globally through wr.config or environment variables:

  • lakeformation_query_wait_polling_delay

Check out the Global Configurations Tutorial for details.

  • query_id (str) – Lake Formation query execution ID.

  • boto3_session (boto3.Session(), optional) – Boto3 Session. The default boto3 session will be used if boto3_session received None.

  • lakeformation_query_wait_polling_delay (float, default: 2 seconds) – Interval in seconds for how often the function will check if the LakeFormation query has completed.


Dictionary with the get_query_state response.

Return type:

Dict[str, Any]


>>> import awswrangler as wr
>>> res = wr.lakeformation.wait_query(query_id='query-id')