awswrangler.data_api.rds.connect(resource_arn: str, database: str, secret_arn: str = '', boto3_session: Optional[Session] = None, **kwargs: Any) RdsDataApi

Create a RDS Data API connection.

  • resource_arn (str) – ARN for the RDS resource.

  • database (str) – Target database name.

  • secret_arn (str) – The ARN for the secret to be used for authentication.

  • boto3_session (boto3.Session(), optional) – The boto3 session. If None, the default boto3 session is used.

  • **kwargs – Any additional kwargs are passed to the underlying RdsDataApi class.

Return type

A RdsDataApi connection instance that can be used with wr.rds.data_api.read_sql_query.